About Sunright

Sunright International operates as an importer, distributor and developer of high quality motor vehicles and motorsports products from China.

By partnering with leading manufacturers that offer the best-in-class performance, reliability and innovation, Sunright has established itself as a trusted source for Chinese motorsports products.

Sunright International of America was established in 1998 and is headquartered outside Atlanta, GA.

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UTVs, ATVs, and Scooters

Sunright International is the authorized importer of Jiangsu Linhai ATVs, UTVs and Scooters in North and South America. Current inventory includes Big Horn ATVs 80cc-700cc, Big Horn UTVs 400cc and 700cc, and Aeolus Scooters 300cc and 400cc.

We have introduced the unique three-wheel 50cc T-Rider scooter, the retro 50 and 150cc St Marlo scooters and the 125cc and 200cc Denali dirt bikes.

We also continue to supply our customers with the always in demand standard, yet state of the art, 50cc scooters – newly designed and engineered.

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Sunright International is a leading importer and distributor of Chinese motorsports helmets in the United States. Sunright operates both as an OEM supplier and a distributor.

The OEM division supplies many of the largest helmet brands in the U.S., including Bell and HJC. Its distribution division has represented Rodia USA for over twenty years and distributes a full line of DOT, Snell certified, and SA certified helmets.

Rodia has received acclaim for producing the highest quality helmets in China. Rodia helmets are currently worn in NASCAR and IRL races.

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Parts and Support

In order to meet the needs of our customers, Sunright International operates a full support facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Customer Service and Technical Support are available 9AM-5PM EST M-F. 678-546-9997