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Benelli QJ50QT-29A Scooter Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual

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Parts List

Part Number Name
14108G02F000 Side cover
17300B01F000 Shaft rear box
14302G02F000 Protecting cover
17400G02F000 Shaft, kick starter
20201B01F000 50cc cooling fan
17800B01F000 Shaft, idle
24201B01F000 Drive pulley clutch
26100B01F000 Crankcase lh
26200B01F000 Crank case
34200G02F000 Starting motor assy.
34301G02F00C Rotor assy
34311G02F000 Coil group
40001B450000 Grip, left
40210B460000 Right grip comp
43100B20T000 Joint board lower
50100B0ETT10 Body, fuel tank
50313B20T000 Plate, fuel cock
50340B0ETT10 Filter, fuel
50352B20T000 Filter
50800B0ETT10 Sensor assy
51003B450000 Cap, battery
51005S010000 Rubber buffer, up
51004B460000 Helmet box
58501B920000 Axle, main stand
64001B20T000 Oil tank
65201B460000 Handle cover, front
65201B46BX00 Handle cover, front
65508J000000 Tape set
65606B20TRH0 Coupling board, red
80002B20T000 Headlight bulb 12v/35w
80023B450000 Bulb
81100B450001 Turn signal lamp assy, f. l
81300B450001 Turn signal lamp assy, f.r
80000B450002 Headlight
86400B20T001 Side reflex reflector
86500B030000 Rear reflex reflector
92000B450004 Harness, wiring
92200B460000 Switch wring, right grip
88000B450001 Lock comp
96900G00S000 Wire, earth
96800B20T000 Fuse alarm system
14112G02F940 Screw
34301G02F00A Rotor assy
34301G02F00B Rotor assy
40250B20T000 Cable comp., rear brake
19000B09F001 Oil pump assy
34300G02F000 Magneto assy
40450B20TYB0 Mirror assy., rear view, orange
47500B450002 Exhaust pipe comp.
81103B20T000 Indicator bulb 12v/3w
50201N140000 Cap, fuel tank
58300B20T000 Suspend frame assy
81000B450000 Front turn light
82005B20T000 Tail light bulb 12v5w
96600B920001 Resistence 5.9 30w
64100B20T000 Sensor, oil position
65605B460000 Cover midder
49361B20T000 Plate