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Benelli QJ150T-3 Scooter Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual

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Parts List

Part Number Name
08350JCCT000 Kick starter
14100000J31F000 Pressing plate assy
14307H03F000 O-ring 30.8x3.2
15208H03F000 Sprocket, oil pump drive
15210H03F000 Bearing
15120K12F000 Ring, oil
15200000J31F000 Crankshaft & conrod assy
15227H03F000 Plate, oil reserve
15232H03F000 Sprocket, cam chain
17303H03F000 Shaft drive
17304H03F930 Washer
14215J01F000 O ring 18x3.5
14305H03F000 Spring, strainer
14306H03F000 Drain plug
17800H03F000 Shaft, idle
17806H03F000 Gear starter idle
17809H03F000 Clip
201206.019000 Gasket, cylinder head
18330H03F920 Nut
19000K12F000 Pump assy, oil
19107H03F000 Shaft, oil pump
19110H03F000 Sprocket, oil pump driven
19114H03F000 Chain oil pump
201332.009000 Gasket
202104.007472 Clamp
203106.002081 Seal ring, valve stem
17734H03F910 Plate, stopper
201330.004000 Rubber seal
205300.002000 Gasket, tensioner
206210.016000 Gasket, rh end cap, crankcase
206225.031000 Long bolt
206225.032000 Long bolt
208224.001161 Nut, lock
207213.001271 Clamp
207225.001472 Bracket
207225.003472 Clamp
207303.007000 Gasket, crankcase, rh
208300.044062 Piston
208308.004161 Clip, piston pin
213100.002000 Shift assy
20400H03F000 Generator
204204.008000 Gasket, cylinder
216100.012000 Shaft, kick starter
216212.004161 Spring, kick starter
219100.033000 Pump body assy
222204.007000 Seal shroud upper
219206.001271 End cap, oil pump chain wheel
222105.001000 Cable clamp assy
222205.006000 Seal, shroud lower
214304.006161 Gear final driven
214305.012000 Shaft, rear axle
26300000J31F000 Chain, camshaft drive
27210H03F000 Tensioner cam chain
27105H03F000 Pin dowel
27200H03F000 Guide cam chain
30000001J31F000 Valve inlet
30000003J31F000 Half cone, valve
30000002J31F000 Valve spring retainer, upper
26131H03F000 Tube, breather
27103K12F000 Washer
30000010J31F000 Bolt m6x105
301310601665 Bolt
301310605062 Bolt m6x50
3052042008F2 Tapping screw
302270501400 Screw
30300000J31F000 Valve retainer
305124801600 Screw st4.8x16
31200006J31F000 Gasket, inlet rocker arm
31200002J31F000 Bush exhaust rocker arm shaft
31200004J31F000 Shaft, exhuast rocker arm
315110020030 O ring
320086100151 Locating sleeve
30000004J31F000 Exhaust valve
301310601265 Bolt m6x12
34124H03F000 Bearing, needle
34141H03F000 Gear, starter idle
34400H03F000 Starter clutch
40275JCCT000 Seat lock cable
40470JCCTB41 Rear view mirror comp (black)
40460JCCTB41 Rear view mirror comp (black)
50100JCCT000 Fuel tank
58320K30T000 Engine hanger
58700JCCT000 Side stand
70001JCCT000 Bulb speedometer 12v/13w
81004JCCT000 Bulb, turn signal
81100K30T000 Fr winker lh
81300K30T000 Frr winker
80000K30T000 Head lamp
91901K30T000 Warning switch
95700K30T000 Alarmsystem
97900K30T000 Carburetor heater
B01070601263 Bolt
B01070602563 Bolt
B04070000663 Nut
B04100000863 Nut, m8
97701K30T000 C.d.i. unit coil assy
B07030000800 Washer 8-140hv
B08010002000 Circlip
17433H03F000 Bush i
14119H03F910 Clamp, brake cable
00107-02222 Bolt m6x45
31200001J31F000 Rocker arm, inlet valve
214201.008000 Gasket. gear box
27301H03F000 Adjuster assy. tensioner
201100.101000 Cylinder head
17434H03F000 Bush ii
30000006J31F000 Valve spring holder, lower
301310801265 Bolt
26220H03F000 O ring
206104.005000 Strainer, oil
87002JCCT000 Bulb parking light 12v/13w
B01070601863 Bolt
203214.001000 Bearing
217305.002161 Shaft, shaft starter idle gear
15206H03F000 Hexagon nut with flange m12x1.25
14126H03F000 Plate, cover
17513H03F000 Pin, kick starter
30000005J31F000 Valve spring
30000009J31F000 Heat insulation paper. gasket carburettor