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Benelli M50 Scooter Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual

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Parts List

Part Number Name
05521B450000 Benelli brand
08012B910000 Bolt 6x30mm
08200B450001 Stand, license plate
08350B040000 Kick starter lever
15101B01F000 Flywheel key
15105B16F000 Piston pin
15110B16F000 Needle bearing
15111G02F000 Snap ring
15112G02F010 Washer
15211G02F000 Driving gear
15213G02F000 Oil seal
15214G02F000 Bushing
17413G02F00B Bush
17407G02F000 Spring
17415G02F000 Flange
15106G02F910 Snap ring
18105H03F000 Washer
18114G02F000 Plate, washer
19213G02F00A Hose clip
19217G02F00A Hose clip
20102G02F000 Dust cover (rubber)
202104.006472 Clamp
20201B09F000 Cooling, fan
20208B09F000 Spacer
202306.002000 Gasket
20303G02F000 Grommet
20301B01F000 Cooling cylinder
20206G02F000 Gasket
206200.045000 Crankcase, lh
206321.001000 Gasket
206400.006000 Axle, engine mount
206407.004081 Oil plug
206412.001472 Screw
207106.006000 Wire netting assy
207208.009000 Gasket, l crankcase
207219.003000 Inlet lending cover
207234.001000 Bush
208100.023000 Crankshaft, assy
213100.009000 Shift assy
213119.004000 Weight
213203.001161 Retainer
214104.014000 Shaft, rear box
214200.016000 Cover, gear box
20401B01F000 Fan
20402G02F000 Rubber ring 70x3.1
207200.152000 L crankcase cover
216100.024000 Shaft kick starter
218100.033000 Starting motor assy
219101.008000 Complete oil pump
221405.101000 Hose, oil outlet
222103.009000 Flywheel cover fan x50
222304.102000 Cover
223100.009000 Magneto assy
223101.019000 Fly wheel
224202.066000 Jet, main
24100B09F000 Drive assy
24103G02F000 Cap
24101G02F000 Face, movable drive
24104G02F000 Slider
24109G02F000 Plate
24105G02F000 Bush
24107B01F000 V belt, drive
24108G02F000 Front fixed pulley
24201B09F000 Drive shaft
24203B09F000 Oil seal
24204G02F000 Face, fixed driven
24205G02F000 Face, movable driven
24206G02F000 Oil seal
24207G02F000 Oil ring
24208G02F000 Pin
24209G02F000 Bearing
216100.004000 Shaft, kick starter
216217.001000 Bush
24243G02F000 O-ring
26102G02F000 O-ring
26107B01F910 Stud bolt
26108G02F000 Bush
26123G02F000 Dowel pin 12x16
26128G02F000 Pin
26211B09F001 Crankcase, rh
26214B09F000 Bearing lock
26214G02F910 Plate
26215G02F000 Oil seal assy
27101B01F00A Cylinder
32620B01F000 Float
24305G02F940 Nut flat m28x1
24308B01F000 Spring clutch
26142G02F000 Brake shoe
24700G02F000 Clutch housing
301310606562 Pan head screw m6x65
302040602065 Screw
30701B01F00A Head, cylinder
307991005552 Washer
308090150010 Snap ring
32619B01F000 Pin, float
32300G02F000 Valve
32510B01F000 Needle, jet
32508B01F000 Clipmm, v shape
32609B01F000 Jet, idle
32511B01F000 Valve, piston
32612B01F000 Enrich valve
301310601062 Screw
3052035014F5 Screw
301310601263 Pan head screw m6x12
34402G02F00A Roller
34122G02F000 Washer
34123G02F000 Flange ring gear
34125G02F000 Plate
34126G02F000 Gear
34130G02F000 Washer
34310G02F000 Magneto flywheel
34330G02F000 Pickup
34350G02F000 Oil seat
40094B450000 Front pump brake
40270B450000 Cable assy, rear brake
40300B460000 Throttle cable
34120G02F000 Start gear assy
34121G02F000 Needle bearing
34404G02F00A Spring
43000B450000 Joint assy., front fork
43001B450000 Ball race
43002B450000 Ball race
43004B450000 Ball race
43007B450000 Washer
43010B450000 Ball race assy
43130B450000 Steel ball assy
44004B450000 Axle, front wheel
44100B450000 Front wheel
44200B450000 Seat, gear
40470B460000 Back mirror assy., rh.
45033B450000 Disc front brake
45120T090000 Plate, friction assy
45300B450002 Switch, assy
45400B460000 Lever front brake
45500B450000 Front brake caliper
47000B450003 Muffler assy
47023B450000 Protector, muffler
47490B920000 Exhaust pipe gasket
47760B450000 Protector, muffler. assy
49000B450000 Air cleaner
49005B450000 Connecting pipe
49002B450000 Guide pipe
49013B450000 Seal ring
47800B070000 Gasket, exhaust pipe
45000B460002 Disc brake assy
49402B450000 Cover, lower
49840W110000 One way valve ii
49855W110000 Clip 16.5
49870B140000 Air cleaner, small
50004B91000 Sending unit gasket
50302B450001 Hose, fuel 5x10x120
50340T020000 Fuel filter assy
49401B450000 Cover, upper
52003B460000 Decorative, cover
54002B910000 Indicator plate
54008B920000 Tension spring
54027B910000 Tappo
54200B920000 Shoe, brake rear
57039S010000 Spacer, rubber
58300B450000 Engine hanger
51100B460000 Seat assy
58320B450000 E/g hanger comp.
58501B450000 Axle, mainstand
58510BMBT000 Mainstand spring
58520B450001 Mainstand comp
58538T030000 Cushion, main stand
63016B070000 Pin cotter 1.2x22
63800B450000 Rr. absorber comp.
64012B450000 Seal ring, oil tank
64060B450000 Kit- joint lower, oil level
64050B450000 Joint lower, oil level
58303B450000 (e/g hanger) bolt
64100B450001 Gauge asy, oil level
65202B460000 Handle cover, rear
65301B450CD0 Faceplate
65301B450G10 Faceplate
65301B450LU0 Faceplate
65301B450R70 Faceplate
65303B45BX01 Face, fr. cover plaque
65101B45CD01 Fender, front
65101B45G101 Fender, front
65101B45R701 Fender, front
65403B450000 Inspect cover
65406B450000 Cover lower
65413B450000 Hoof feet cushion
65483B46CA00 Cover, speedometer
65601B450000 Left breast board
65602B450000 Right breast board
65401B450000 Footrest
65606B45G100 Back breast board
65606B45R700 Back breast board
65701B45BN01 Fender, rear
65763B460000 Spacer, back mirror assy
65802B310000 Spring nut 4.2
75000B460000 Wiring assy, speedometer
77001B460000 Indicator
77002B460000 Indicator
77003B460000 Oil indicator
65606B45CD00 Back breast board
65606B45LU00 Back breast board
80002B450000 Headlight bulb 35w/35w
81400B450000 Rear turn light
81401B450000 Rear turn light bulb
81500B450001 Turn signal lamp assy, r.l
81700B450001 Turn signal lamp assy, r. r
82000B450002 Tail light
82005B450000 Tail light bulb 21w/5w
88100B450001 Lock assy, steering
88101B450001 Cap, lock assy, steering
88800B450000 Seat lock
92100B460000 Switch wring, left grip
94000B450001 Relay assy, starting motor
96001B450000 Band 3 3x120mm
96002J000000 Band 200mm
96003J000000 Band 250mm
96200B450000 Coil assy, ignition
96400K010001 Flashing amber
98801B09F000 Rectifier
B01070803065 Bolt m8x30
B01090801263 Pan head screw
B02000400622 Screw
B02000501262 Screw
B04171615055 Nut m16x1.5
B07000000400 Washer
B07000000503 Spring washer 5mm
97701B910001 Cdi unit
B07000000600 Spring washer 6
B07030000805 Washer 8
B12016620453 Bearing
B08010001401 Ring 14
B08010001700 Snap ring
B090103014C0 Pin
B12016600300 Ball bearing
B12016600400 Bearing
B12016620000 Bearing
B12016620300 Roller bearing
B17010090003 Steel wire clip
17418G02F930 Spring
B07020001005 Washer
B07020000505 Washer 5
B07030001200 Washer
B190102120B0 O-ring
32200G02F000 Pipe, intake
17317B09F000 Seal ring
20208G02F000 Beading (rubber)
34110G02F00A Complete starter clutch
34405G02F00A Cap
24200B01F000 Driven pulley and clutch assy
24301B01F000 Clutch
24309G02F930 Retainer
301310603565 Pan head screw m6x25
214201.004000 Gasket
65101B45LU01 Fender, front
77004B460000 Fuel indicator
88200B450000 Lock , front luggage box
50001B450000 Seal ring, fuel tank
52000B460000 Luggage carrier assy
65303B450001 Face, fr. cover plaque
64020B450000 Oil tank assy
B04171212554 Nut m12x1.25
B17010080003 Steel wire clip 8
B02000601225 Screw m6x12
58301B920000 Fixed axle of hanger
24303G02F000 Nut
32701B01F000 Gasket
65361B450000 Seal ring 3x6x700
77005B46CA00 Cover, indicator
B07000000605 Spring washer 6
40460B460000 Back mirror assy., lh.