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Benelli B08 50cc Scooter Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual

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Parts List

Part Number Name
14108B09F000 L crankcase cover
14109B09F000 Gasket, l crankcase
08351BM0T000 Start shaft
14133G02F000 Idle gear
15100B09FF10 Piston assy
15105B01F000 Piston pin
15200B01F000 Crankshaft
15211B09F000 Driven shaft
18100B09F000 Trans case gasket
20201B01FT10 50cc cooling fan
20301B01FT10 Cooling, cylinder
18101B09F000 Trans case
26108B09F000 Grommet
26201G02F000 Gasket
26124G02F000 Plate washer
26202B09F000 Oil plug
26211B09F000 Crankcase rh
27101B01FF10 Cylinder
32303B01F000 Gasket
34400G02F000 Start clutch assy
40270BMBT000 Brake cable
40273BM0T00 Pin stop
40300BM0T000 Throttle cable
40300BWAT000 Cable assy throttle
40271BM0T00 Adjusting nut
43005BMBT000 Ball race cover
43100BM0T001 Under bracket comp.
43100BMBT000 Under bracket comp.
45033BMBTC20 Brake disc
44200BM0T000 Speedometer gear
50312J0ET000 Seal ring
50800BM0T000 Sender unit
54002BM0T000 Inidicator plate
54003BM0T000 Cam shaft 2
58520BM0T000 Main stand comp
64001BMAT000 Oil tank
65202BMBT000 Handle cover, 2
65303BMBTB40 Cover 1, black
65770BM0T000 R.r. fendle bracket, r.
70001H70X000 Bulb
70002H70X000 Bulb
81102BM0T000 Light cover, l
81105BM0T000 Bowl, reflex light
81107BM0T000 Inner cover
81110BM0T000 Wire assy., f.l. flasher
81302BM0T000 Light cover, r
81310BM0T000 Wire assy., f.r. flasher
81501H70X000 Bulb, 12v/10w
81502BM0T000 Bulb base
81710BM0T000 Wire assy., r.r. flasher
82003BM0T000 Tail light base
82008BM0T000 Indicator lens
82005JL0T000 Bulb 12v 21/5w
82503BM0T000 License light trim
96500BM0T000 Flash audio pilot comp
82900BM0T000 Wire assy., tail light
B04070600063 Nut m6
26111B09F000 Crankcase, lh
30701B01F000 L cylinder head
58700BMBT000 Side stand comp
50340BMAT000 Fuel filter assy
54007BM0T000 Cam shaft lever 2
58320BMBT000 E/g bracket comp
63016B0DT000 Pin cotter 1.2x22
64090BMAT000 Oil tank cap
81510BM07000 Wire assy., r.l. flasher