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Benelli 49X Scooter Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual

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Parts List

Part Number Name
02115B910000 Rr. absorber adjuster
02117B920000 Wrench 35
05511B470000 Sticker side cover left. right
05511B470001 Sticker side cover (off road)
05511B470002 Sticker side cover (on road)
05523B470010 Sticker frontcover lf. for black vehicle
05524B470000 Sticker frontcover rh for red, yellow, green vehicle
05524B470010 Sticker frontcover rh. for black vehicle
05536B470000 Sticker 1, noise
05536B470001 Sticker 2, noise
05571B470010 Sticker rear fender for black vehicle
05571B470020 Sticker rear fender for red vehicle
05571B470040 Sticker rear fender for green vehicle
05581B470001 Tire pressure on road
08332J040000 Cushion
08334J040000 Bush
08526B470000 Fixing board turn light l
10505-G06 Spacer
10570-B08-12 Cover
02110B910000 Tool bag
02114B910000 Filter, oil tank
02104B910000 Handle
02103B910000 Screw driver
15007107001Z Couple crankcase
200302080000 Hexagon nut
201204.013000 Spark plug
17800B09F000 Gear
207200.160000 Carter cover
207219.004000 Manifold
299051070001 C.d.i. unit
320086100143 Dowel
40001B470000 Grip, left handle
40041B470000 Installing base, of fender rod left
40042B470000 Installing base, of fender rod right
40043B470000 Fender rod
40046B470000 Bush
40047B470000 Bush
40101B470000 Handlebar
40181B470000 Low fixed base, handlebar
40183B470000 Handlebar bracket
40210B470000 Grip assy right
40270B470000 Cable assy rear brake
40500B470000 Left handle switch assy.
40750B470000 Wiring harness brake cable x50
43021B910003 Holder, brake hose 1
43035B910000 Holder, brake hose 2
43150B310000 Clip, speedometer cable
43200B470000 Fr. l. cushion assy.
43260K010000 Oil seal
44005B910000 L. collar, front wheel
44101B91B400 Rim front wheel assy (on road black b4)
44200B91B500 Speedometer gear comp
45009B300000 Master cylinder body
45022T030020 Lever f. disc brake
45024B920000 Bolt 6mm, n6
45029J000000 Plate washer
45033B940000 Brake disc (on road)
45036B310000 Bolt
45039T100001 Bolt 8x36 mm (on road)
45900B470000 Front disc brake x50
45900B470001 Front disk break (on road)
47028G220000 Bush rubber
47100B470003 Muffler assy.
47490B910005 Cushion
47490B940004 Gasket, flange
47500B470004 Exhaust pipe comp
47833B140005 Adiabatic
48831B140005 Muffler hoop
48200B910000 Muffler canister assy.
44300B910000 Oil seal
49851B470000 Hose one way air cleaner
49932B400000 Hose 2
50200B470001 Lock assy, fuel tank
50008J040000 Low buffer ped of oil tank
50100B470001 Fuel tank assy
50307B910000 Clip 8
50800B470001 Sender unit
51001T430000 Mounting axle of seat
51003B470000 Rubber buffer
51004B470000 Helmet box
49016B910000 Clip 42.5
49805B920000 Spring ii, lock 17.5
49200B910000 Filter
51083B470000 Mounted plate
54001B470000 Spring
54003B910000 Cam shaft
54100B47B400 Rim rear wheel assy (off road black b4)
54100B91B400 Rim rear wheel assy (on road black b4)
54120B450000 Cam shaft lever
57001B470004 Vin plate off road
57001B470005 Vin plate on road
57005B920000 Bolt, side stand
57006B910000 Spring hook, side stand
57010B910000 Springside stand
58210B470000 Rear pedal, lh
58211B470000 Mounted hanger of pedal (lh)
58266S010000 Rear pedal lh
58286S010000 Rear pedal rh
58262S010000 Pedal spring
51120B470000 Band assy
51123B470000 Screw
58320B470000 E/g brkt comp.
58451S010000 Mounted plate of pedal
58507B910000 Stopper main stand
58700B470000 Side stand assy
58900B470000 Seat cable assy
59400B470000 Bracket assy, front cover
64000B300000 Oil tank assy.
64012B300000 Rubber oil gauge
63800B47YF00 Rr. absorber comp. (yellow yf)
64090B310000 Oil tank cap assy
58310B470000 Rear pedal, rh
58311B470000 Rear pedal rh
58500B470002 Main stand assy.
58520B470002 Main stand comp.
64100B310000 Oil level gauge
65101B47B400 Front fender (black b4)
65101B47D500 Front fender
65106B470000 Front fender ii
65130B470000 L. bracket, fr. fender
65203B470000 Meter vision assy.
65301B470000 Front cover
65302B470000 Plate of front cooling
65303B470000 Support of front cooling
65304B470000 Cover of index tag
65305B470040 Left leg shield (green/black, gl/b4)
65305B470050 Left leg shield (red/black, tf/b4)
65305B470060 Left leg shield (yellow/black, yp/b4)
65305B47BC00 Left leg shield (black bc)
65306B47BC00 Right leg shield (black bc)
65313T480000 Rubber cushion
65402B470000 Left foot board
65404B470000 Right foot board
65405B470000 Left box
65406B470000 Right box
65407B47BC00 Cover board, fuel tank (black bc)
65407B47TF00 Cover board, fuel tank (red tf)
65407B47YP00 Cover board, fuel tank (yellow yp)
65408B470000 Cover, speedometer
65422B470000 Foot protect cover, l
65426B470000 Foot protect cover, r
65430B470000 Component of cover of left box
65431B470000 Big cover of left box
65432B470000 Small cover of left box
65440B470000 Component of cover of right box
65441B470000 Big cover of right box
65442B470000 Small cover of right box
65443B470000 Spring, right cover box
65517N100000 Bush
65601B47N600 Left side cover
65603B470000 Left baffled plate
65401B470000 Foot protect board
65602B47N600 Right side cover
65606B47HK00 Connect board, right side cover
65621B47D500 Decorative board, left side cover
65622B47D500 Decorative board, right side cover
65701B470001 Rear fender, lh
65710B470001 Rear fender r
65813B470000 Cover, battery box
70000B470000 Speedometer assy.
75000B470000 Wire harness speedometer assy
65604B470000 Right baffled plate
65622B47HK00 Decorative board, right side cover
81100B920000 Turn light, front left
81300B920000 Turn light, front. right
81500B920000 Turn signal rear l
81700B920000 Turn signal rear r
82000B470000 Tail light assy
80000B470001 Headlight assy
83300B470000 Ornament light front right
88100B470001 Ignition switch assy
92000B470002 Wire harness assy.
94000B400000 Starter relay
94400T020001 Regulator
95100B920000 Horn comp (e mark)
96007B910000 Cdi
96500B470000 Flasher relay comp
82900B470000 Light license plate
83100B470000 Ornament light front left
83500B470000 Ornament light rear left
83700B470000 Ornament light rear r
86300B470000 Fr. reflector
B01030602565 Bolt m6x25
B01090803564 Bolt 8x35 mm
B0280050140A Screw 5x14mm
B0280050300A Screw m5x30
B05004001205 Tapping screw 4x12mm
B05004201605 Tapping screw
B07000000603 Spring washer 6
B02050803064 Bolt 8x30mm
B04070600053 Nut 6mm
B100432007P0 Rivet 3.2x7
B13040502005 Screw 5x20mm
B17010130003 Clip 13.5
B1404Z2011C0 Cap valve
B190101000A0 Oil ring 10.8
02101B910000 Spark plug socket handle
05523B470000 Sticker frontcover lf for red, yellow, green vehichle
05581B470000 Tire pressure off road
08527B470000 Fixing board turn light r
08252B470000 Bracket license plate
B07030000603 Washer 6
40600B470000 Right handle switch assy
43300B470000 Fr. r. cushion assy.
44101B47B400 Rim front wheel assy (off road black b4)
44600B910000 Collar front wheel
49000B470000 Air cleaner assy
43005B920001 Ball race cover
45033B470000 Front disc brake
65761B470000 Rear fender lower
51011B920000 Hook of helmet
54200B470000 Brake shoe assy
58510B910000 Spring assy, main stand
65140B470000 R. bracket, fr. fender
65306B470050 Right leg shield (red/black, tf/b4)
65433B470000 Spring, left cover box
65605B47HK00 Connect board, l side cover x50
65709B470000 Rear fender ii
65718B470000 Rear fender
65403B470000 Cover board of frame number
65407B47GL00 Cover board, fuel tank (green gl)
65621B47HK00 Decorative board, left sidecover
B13040501004 Screw w/ washer 5x10mm
B04000600054 Nut 6mm
B07000000604 Spring washer 6
B17010120003 Steel wire clip 12
02102B910000 Spark plug socket
51080B470000 Loose-leaf component of seat