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Benelli 150XT Scooter Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual

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Parts List

Part Number Name
02401K310000 User manual
08001N140000 Bolt m6x18
08350T090000 Lever, starter
08400G200000 Engine blast pipe subassembly
02430K310000 Folder
220043060000 Gear chamber cover
250013060000 Spring, kick starter
270023060000 Conveyor
269013060000 Oil pump, assy
279023060000 Fan set
299023180000 Fly wheel
299033180000 Coil set
40001B920000 Grip, left
40124N140000 Stopper
40210B920000 Tube, right grip
40470N140000 Back mirror assy., rh.
40500N140000 Left switch assy
43001N140000 Ball race
43003N140000 Ball race
43004N140000 Ball race
43007N140000 Washer
43009N140000 Nut
43100N140000 Stem, steering
43200N140000 Absorber left
44004N140000 Axle, front wheel
44005N140000 Spacer
44101N140000 Front wheel
40300T450000 Cable, throttle
43300N140000 Absorber right
40460N140000 Back mirror assy., lh.
40600N140001 Right switch assy
45000N140000 Disk brake assy
45033N140000 Disk, front braket
45400N140000 Front cylinder comp.
47038T430000 Muffler cap
47042N140000 Plate
47100K310000 Jointing assy, muffler
49000T450000 Air cleaner
44600N140000 Mid spacer, front wheel
45500N140000 Front caliper assy
49801T450000 Pipe
49804H030000 Spring, lock f15
50103N140000 Oil level sensor fixed board
50050T450000 Oil cup
50100N140000 Fuel tank
50309N020000 Spring, lock f13
50800N140000 Fuel level sensor
50850B410001 Oil pump
51009N140000 Cover of cushion lock
51005T450000 Cover
49350T450000 Clip
49200T450000 Filter, web
49807N050000 Spring iii, lock f10.5
52002N14BY00 Rear carrier (black)
52018N140000 Screw m6x25
54610T450000 Plate
54100T450000 Rr. rimcomp.
55000N140000 Disk brake assy
55022N140000 Bracket, handleber
55033N140000 Disk, front brake
55200N140000 Cable assy, rear brake
55400N140000 Rear cylinder comp.
55401N140000 Dustproof cover
57003N140000 Spring
58204N140000 Rear footrest
58206N140000 Bolt
58262N140000 Spring
51100N140000 Seat assy.
57022N140000 Cushion
58330T450001 E/g hanger comp.
58510N140000 Spring
58520T450000 Main stand assy.
58709N140000 Plate
58750T450000 E/g battery stand assy
58751N140000 Battery box
58900N140000 Seat cable assy
63210T45HK00 Left plate. rear shock absorber
63230T45HK00 Right plate. rear shock absorber
63800T450010 Rr absorber comp (black)
58300T450000 E/g hanger comp
58301T450010 (e/g hanger) bolt
65201N14BH00 Handle cover, front (black)
65201N14LC00 Handle cover, front (blue)
65202N140000 Cover
65212N140000 Speedometer
65301N140000 Windshield
65303N14BY00 Faceplate (black)
65308N14BY00 Left breast board (black)
65309N14BY00 Right breast board (black)
65316N14BH00 Fender, left (black)
65316N14TK00 Fender, left (copper)
65317N14TK00 Fender, front (copper)
65317N14BH00 Fender, front (black)
65112N140000 Clip
65402K310000 Feet breast board
65405N140000 Right footrest
65406N140000 Cover midder
65407N140000 Cover lower
65452N140000 Fuel tank cover
65453N140000 Axle
65457N140000 Cushion
65553N140000 Seat, right
65601N14TK00 Left breast board
65602N14TK00 Right breast board (copper)
65602N14BH00 Right breast board (black)
65401N140000 Left footrest
65554N140000 Seat, left
65608N140000 Cover
65615N140000 Fuel tank cover
65621N14BY00 Left inspiration fitting (black)
65634N140000 Left inspiration fitting cover
65635N140000 Right inspiration fitting cover
65701N140000 Stand, license plate
65703T450000 Mat, fender
65761N140000 Fender, rear
65801S010000 Spring nut 4.2
65801T020000 Spring nut 4.2
65802B910000 Spring nut 5
65872N140000 Washer
70000K310000 Speedometer assy
70030N140000 Clock assy.
72900N140000 Cable assy.speedometer
65622N14BY00 Right inspiration fitting (black)
81100K310000 Front turn left
81500K310000 Rear turn left
81700K310000 Rear turn light
82000K310000 Tail light
82026N140000 Stand, tail light
80000K310000 Headlight assy.
92000T450001 Harness, wiring
86500K310000 Rear reflector
88000N140001 Lock assy.
88101N140001 Cap, lock assy, steering
94100J000001 Relay starter
94400N020000 Rectifier
95000N140000 Horn assy e4 000066
95300N140000 Single crutch switch
96001J000000 Band 150mm
96020T450000 Battery band
96200T450000 Ignition coil
86505S010000 Card
B01070602065 Bolt m6x20
B01070602564 Screw m6x25
B01070603564 Screw m6x35
B01070604564 Screw m6x45
B01090501264 Bolt m5x12
B01090601665 Screw 6x16mm
B02000604565 Bolt m6x45
B02050501565 Bolt m5x15
B02060501625 Bolt m5x16
B04070500055 Nut m5
B04070800055 Nut m8
B04171212555 Nut 12x1.25
B05073501305 Screw st3.5x13
B05074201015 Screw st4.2x10
97701B230000 C.d.i. unit comp
B080100020A0 Block ring 20
B0882000050A Steel gasket
B12016020301 Bearing, output drive shaft
B13060601605 Screw 6x16mm
B140107D1300 Tire, front 120/70 13
B140108D12BB Tire, front 130/70 12
B1403Z201100 Rim valve
B1404Z2011A0 Cap, valve
B24013120000 Light bulb
B07020000605 Washer 6
43022N140000 Handle pressurize cover
229093060000 Gear, output drive shaft
269053060000 Chain, oil pump
169183060000 Gauge, oil lever
81300K310000 Front turn light
50861N140000 Fixing bush for fuel pump
55500N140000 Rear caliper assy
57501N140000 Axle, main stand
58700N140000 Single crutch assm
65203N140000 Handle cover, rear
65551N140000 Buffer
65601N14BH00 Left breast board (black)
82900K310000 License plate tail
65340B450000 Pothook, helmet
B07030001005 Washer 10
96007B230000 Cushion. c.d.i.
94400N140000 Relay controller, lamp
B02000501265 Bolt m5x12
B06010200000 Steel ball 1/4'
45200N140000 Cable assy, front brake
51004T450000 Helmet box
65623G120000 Nut m5
220033060000 Gasket, gear chamber cover
96800N140000 Fuse 15a
44200N140000 Seat, gear
49804J000000 Spring, lock f17.5