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Sunright International established in 1998 in Atlanta GA USA. Sunright International operates as an Importer, Distributor and Developer of Motor Vehicles and Motor Sports Products from the highest quality Chinese manufacturers. Sunright has forged relationships with the leading manufacturers in each product segment to offer the best in Performance, Reliability and Innovation.

With more than 50 years experience dealing with the complex relationships of the International Business climate between the US and China, the Management team at Sunright International has the ability to match the needs and demands of the Motor Sports marketplace with the Products and Manufacturers to meet and exceed these needs.

Sunright International is the Exclusive Importer of ATVs, Utility Vehicles and Scooters from Jiangsu Linhai, and has recently established Linhai USA as the division responsible for this Product line. Sunright offers Linhai product under several brands that are quickly establishing their place prominently in the marketplace. Key amongst these are: Aeolus Scooters and BigHorn ATVs and Utility Vehicles.

In addition to its relationship with Sunright, Linhai benefits from a close relationship with Yamaha, including several joint ventures in the manufacturing of motorcycles, motor scooters, engines and generators. These products are distributed worldwide under the Yamaha brand. This sharing of technology and manufacturing expertise has led to Linhai being recognized as the leading Power Sports manufacturer in China.
For more than 50 years Linhai has been designing and manufacturing engines and vehicles for commercial and industrial use. Thirty years ago, they began developing a line of motor scooters for consumer use. Their ATVs have been on the market for eight years followed by their Utility Vehicles three years ago. During this time they have been recognized for a number of industry firsts including:

First 260cc Liquid Cooled Motor Scooters
First Full Sized ATVs Manufactured in China
First Two Stage Drive system for ATVs Manufactured in China
First 300cc Liquid Cooled Motor Scooters Manufactured in China
First 300cc Liquid Cooled ATV Manufactured in China
First 400cc Scooter with Electronic Fuel Injection Manufactured in China
First 550cc ATV with V Twin Engine featuring electronic Fuel Injection Manufactured in China

Linhai was recently recognized with Two of the Highest Awards given to manufacturers in China. They received í«The Award with High Honorsí» for Superior Quality and Manufacturing Excellence, from the Chinese Government, and, í«The Award for Excellence in Productivity and Internal Business Reputationí» given by the Enterprise for Quality and Customer Service.

Sunright International is the leading importer to first introduce Linhai full size ATV 260, 300 and 550 EFI, water cooled scooter 260, 300, 400 EFI from China. In addition to the Linhai gas powered scooters, Sunright has added to the Aeolus brand line of scooters with Electric in 2008 and the Gas/Electric Hybrid Scooters in 2009. Hybrid scooter is the first time introduced into North America market. Using State of the Art Lithium Ion battery technology and Electronic Control Systems these scooters offer the green, performance and economy desired by todayí»s consumers.

Sunright International is one of the largest Importers and distributors of Motor Sport Helmets manufactured in China. Sunright acts as the OEM supplier to many of the largest Brands of Helmets in the US. Sunright also distributes a full line of helmets under the Rodia Brand ranging from DOT Certified Helmets for General use, Snell Certified Helmets for Motorcycles, and SA Certified Helmet for auto racing including NASCAR and IRL.

Rodia Helmets has received acclaim for introducing the highest quality helmets manufactured in China, the Innovative Modular Full Coverage Helmets with inner sun shield (duel lens modular) and some of the lightest weight helmets in the world in the new High Performance Carbon Fiber Composite Helmets.

In order to meet the needs of both our dealer base and our consumers, Sunright International maintains full support through the Linhai USA facility based in Suwanee, Georgia. The parts department covers over 10,000 square feet and maintains all of the parts needed to service our products. Customer Service and Tech Support are handled both on line and via the phone.

Beyond the Motor Sports business, Sunright International offers a variety of other products Developed? in the States and sourced from the highest quality manufacturers available in China. These products include new green energy power, green lawn and garden products and consumer recreational products.

At Sunright our mission is to develop key relationships with customers and manufactures to meet and exceed the needs of our consumers for quality, performance, reliability, innovation and integrity in our products and services.

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