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Linhai Bighorn 260SP (Manco Talon) ATV Parts

Parts Schematic and Manual


Parts List

Part Number Name
22004 Starter relay
23412B Muffler
22321 Rear reflector-red
22507 Piston pin
25595 Exhaust pipe 2
23403 Exhaust gasket
23801 Clutch housing
22005 Battery 12v 12ah
26116 Rear brake pads
22506 Piston ring set
32019 Front turn indicator right
23412 Muffler (old model, no longer available) *
22001 + 25607 Cdi adaptor
25594 Exhaust pipe 1
22001 Cdi
20111 Ignition switch
23212 Air cleaner element
25620 Clutch (new model)
23925 Clutch carrier
22419 Spark plug
23433A Exhaust pipe (old model, no longer available)*
30117 Rear mirror left (optional)
32022B Rear turn indicator left
21022S Rear rim
32022F Front turn indicator left
20809S Front rim-aluminum
22320 Front reflector-yellow
21022A Rear rim-silver iron
23217 Air cleaner
20808A Front tire (at24x8-12) innova
21022B Rear rim-black iron
32022B Rear turn indicator left
22012A Ignition coil (short, 200mm)
20808 Front tire (at24x8-12) duro
20809 Front rim-silver iron
21020 Rear tire (at24x11-10) duro
22505 Piston
25217 Front drive axle
30118 Rear mirror right (optional)
25607 Cdi adaptor
30101G Speedometer (lcd)
T0013 260cc carburetor diaphragm slide
T0039 260atv carburetor accelerator pump diaphragm
T0006 260cc carburetor rebuild kit
30101F Speedometer (mechanical)
20809B Front rim-black iron
23925A Clutch carrier (heavy duty model)
23929 Clutch
23801A Clutch housing (heavy duty model)
23929A Clutch (heavy duty model)
26115 Front brake pads
22012 Ignition coil (long. 450mm)
22007 Regulator rectifier
23301A Carburetor (top pull model)
32022B Front turn indicator left
32019F Front turn indicator right
20301 Seat
23815 Drive belt
21020A Rear tire (at24x11-10)innova
30110 Ignition switch
23301B Carburetor (bottom pull model)